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Is your vehicle’s digital display panel malfunctioning? If you are experiencing car electrical problems in Daytona Beach, FL, it may be time for a professional solution found at Auto Digital. Our licensed and insured company offers on-site and mobile instrument cluster repair services in Orlando, FL, for all kinds of vehicles. When you choose our shop, our professional technicians will provide the repairs, replacement parts, and reprogramming services needed to get you safely back on the road. We offer many other services to help provide added convenience to our clients.

Our services don’t stop at odometer repair and instrument panel repair. Read on to find out more about other issues we resolve for various makes and models, or reach out to our team with additional questions.

other Services


LED Pixel Repair: There’s nothing more annoying than a dead pixel in your LED display. Don’t let that pixel infuriate you every time you start your car – instead, turn to Auto Digital, Inc. for a solution. Whether you’re dealing with one or several dead or faulty pixels, we can help.


Faulty Gauge Readings: Have you noticed an issue with your digital gauge cluster? If it never seems to change, no matter how little or how much gas is inside, visit our shop as soon as possible for a fix. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the side of the road after running out of gas without warning.


Lighting Issues: Your display should be bright enough to read even in the middle of the day. If it’s not, or if it refuses to light up at night, our mechanics can find a solution. Schedule an appointment today or let us come to you.


Display Malfunctions: There are times when your vehicle’s display will show information you know is wrong. There are also times when your display will flicker, flash, fade, or even disappear altogether. Thankfully, you can always turn to us for a solution, often on the same day you visit our shop.


LCD Repair: Is your LCD cluster display looking or behaving oddly? Find out why with help from our licensed and insured team. We offer years of experience with electronic instrument cluster panels and know how to resolve even the most unusual problems.


KPH-MPH Conversion: Importing a vehicle from Canada, or sending a converted US vehicle abroad is challenging enough without worrying about speedometer conversions.

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Whether you need digital speedometer repair or another service, you can always rely on our mechanics to be completely honest and transparent with you. We want you to be completely satisfied, so reach out to request a free estimate and find out what we recommend for your situation. It’s a great way to get acquainted with your vehicle and plan for its repair needs.

Whether you need an odometer repair in Daytona Beach, FL, or an instrument cluster repair in Orlando, FL, we strive to solve all your digital needs to eliminate any risk while driving. Contact our staff today at (407) 656-2500 to schedule your appointment for any of the above instrument cluster repair services. We are proudly service drivers in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas.