Man driving a car at night

What to Do When Your Digital Speedometer Stops Working

When your speedometer stops working, there can be many different reasons for the malfunction. Though your first thought may be another expensive trip to the dealership, that may not be the case. An experienced digital speedometer repair service can help you diagnose the problem and determine if a replacement is necessary.

Unlike a standard speedometer, you can troubleshoot a digital one without pulling apart your car. Open up the hood and locate the gauge cables according to your vehicle’s user manual. Check to ensure they are properly plugged in and are not loose. If this does not resolve your issue, there are additional steps you can take, such as calling the professionals at Auto Digital Inc.

At Auto Digital Inc., we offer a variety of electronic repair services for vehicles of all types. If you find that your speedometer does not work or is malfunctioning, contact us right away so we can get you in for repair.

We do not recommend driving with a broken speedometer. Even if you are confident that you are not going over the speed limit, the only way to know for sure is a fully functioning speedometer. The last thing you need is a costly speeding ticket on top of your repair.

Contact our team at (407) 656-2500 to schedule digital speedometer repair service. We strive to provide a same-day turnaround for all of our services and will have your vehicle functioning perfectly within 24 hours!